Our first product, directSTIM™ demonstrates the value of our MEMS thin-film technology. This will pave the way for us to simultaneously develop and introduce additional modalities such as the spiderSTIM™ and take full advantage of our technology.

directSTIM™ DBS System

Directional stimulation targets with higher precision the area of the brain to be treated. This will improve therapeutic response by reducing risks of side effects.


Surgical implantations of current DBS systems require the neurosurgery staff to spend several hours precisely placing implantable leads in the correct brain location. directSTIM™ uses an array of directional microelectrodes to focus electrical stimulation, potentially decreasing the need for exact positioning. 


Once the neurosurgeon has determined the correct area in the brain for stimulation, directSTIM™ can be left in place as a permanent implant and connected to our directSTIM implantable stimulator. 


Disclaimer : Aleva’s product are not yet approved for human use.

spiderSTIM™ DBS Diagnostic System


Deep Brain Stimulation surgery involves first finding the brain region using electrophysiological recordings. This is done with up to five separate, temporary electrodes, and a mechanical guide known as the “Ben-Gun”, that painstakingly records from each single electrode tip. This process is slow, inefficient, and often does not give complete information on the best location for the implantable electrode. 

spiderSTIM™ introduces for the first time the ability to encompass large 3-dimensional areas in a brain target, and record and stimulate the region in order to provide a diagnostic tool.

In addition to the previously described specifications of the directSTIM™ leads, spiderSTIM™ will also includes:

  • Less invasive surgical procedures with easier to measure clinical evaluations

  • Expandable-retractable” electrodes, allowing 3-dimensional access to new areas of brain and enabling new indications


Disclaimer : Aleva’s product are not yet approved for human use.