André Mercanzini, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder

His doctoral thesis on the in vivo application of neurological implants formed Alevaʼs core technology. He gained product development experience at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Zyvex Corporation (TX, USA) and Bosch Research (Silicon Valley, USA). He holds over 10 international patent families on neuromodulation and microassembly of medical devices. André obtained his BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Toronto, MS in Management Science from Stanford University, and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the EPFL, Switzerland.


Alain Jordan, MSc, COO

Alain has more than 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing of active implantable devices. As first employee of Endoart SA, he was playing a key role in all aspects of project and technology management. He has thorough knowledge of EU and US requirements relative to development and production of active implantable devices.

After the acquisition of Endoart SA by Allergan Inc., he was led a multidisciplinary team of 28 people involved in development and manufacturing of active implantable devices.

Alain Dransart, MSc, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Director

Alain has extensive experience in medical devices, first with Haemonetics Corporation (automated blood separation), then with Medtronic Europe (pacemakers and heart valves), and most recently as a consultant in Product Management, Market Analysis and Clinical Management. He has led clinical validation of new products, market research, and product launch in Europe. Alain obtained his MS in Electrical Engineering from EPFL, and followed the PED management program at IMD, Switzerland.

Peter Bergsma, Director of Commercialization

Peter has a background in clinical neurophysiology and business development. During his 27-year career in the medical device industry has held various strategic sales/marketing and therapy development positions with Medtronic/Neurodiagnostics, Neurotech (implantable neurostimulation against epilepsy), Sorin-New Ventures (neurostimulation against heart failure) and LivaNova (neurostimulation against central sleep apnea and depression).


Jeffrey Jump, Chairman

Jeff Jump has nearly 40 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, including 15 years at Board level with PneumRx, Symetis, Veryan, Impulse Dynamics, and Benechill. He is currently Chairman of Medalliance, Combioxin and Manli Cardiology. His specific areas of expertise are product commercialisation, licensing, and Mergers & Acquisitions in the healthcare sector. Jeffrey spent some 13 years working for medical device company Biosensors, latterly as CEO. During his time at Biosensors the company grew from start-up to become the fourth largest supplier of cardiac stents in the world.

Markus Hosang, PhD 

Markus Hosang is a General Partner at BioMedPartners AG in Basel. He has strong experience and broad knowledge in strategic and operational aspects of the venture capital business, as well as in pharmaceutical and diagnostics research and in many product development and marketing areas. Before joining BioMedPartners in 2004, Dr. Hosang was a Venture Partner at MPM Capital, where he was co-responsible for their European investment activities. Previously, he was a Vice President at Roche in Basel, where he held several senior management positions in the Pharma R&D organization..

Dr. Hosang currently is a member of the boards of Aleva SA, Anergis SA, Okairos AG and Suppremol GmbH. Earlier he was on the boards of Omrix, Kourion, IDEA, Atugen, Avontec and Neuraxo

Patrick Aisher

Patrick Aisher is a British-Austrian businessman who attended University in Montreal and London. He is Chairman of Kinled Holding Ltd in HK, which owns shares in a portfolio of more than 30 technology and medical companies. Mr. Aisher is a member of the Swiss Corporate Finance and Private Equity Association & the Swiss Finance and Technology Association. He directs Kinled Life Sciences Ventures Ltd, and is a Limited Partner in Concentric Team Technology I LP and MedScience Ventures LLC. He is also Director of a UK Charity that supports the under-privileged and unwell.

Annette Franqui

Annette Franqui is a seasoned business executive with close to 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

She is one of the founding partners of Forrestal Capital, a business and financial advisory firm formed in 2003 to counsel a number of Latin American families. Annette is a member of the board of directors of NYSE listed Arcos Dorados and of various privately held entities. As a volunteer, she is a member of the national board of directors of AARP, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States. Annette received a BSE from the Wharton School and an MBA from Stanford University.



André Mercanzini, PhD

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Jean-Pierre Rosat, PhD, MBA

With extensive experience in creating and developing high tech companies, Jean-Pierre has co-founded more than eight start-ups, made three trade-sales to public companies, and is well-versed in fund-raising and setting-up new projects. He has been previously CEO of Cytion SA, Apoxis SA and picoDrill SA. Jean-Pierre gained experienced with FDA and EMEA regulation while developing oncology drugs, and combines this experience with engineering ventures that focused on automated drug screening equipment and micro-machining technology.


Prof. Claudio Pollo, MD, PD&MER, FMH - Head of Functional Neurosurgery, Inselspital, Bern

Known for his innovative work in applying DBS to movement disorders, epilepsy, pain and psychiatric disorders, he has treated close to 200 patients using DBS surgery. He studied Neurosurgery under the inventor of DBS therapy, Dr. Alim Benabid in Grenoble, France. He is a co-inventor of microDBSTM technology and is Principal Investigator for Alevaʼs first-in-man studies.


Prof. Philippe Renaud, PhD, Professor EPFL

Philippe Renaud is Professor at the Microsystem Laboratory at EPFL. He is also the scientific director of the EPFL Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMI). His main research area is related to micro and nano-technologies in biomedical applications (BioMEMS) with emphasis on cell-chips, nanofluidics and bioelectronics. Ph. Renaud is involved in many scientific papers in his research area. More than 13 successful start-ups have been created out of research conducted in his laboratory.


Paul Pyzowski

Paul, a co-founder of Aleva, assists the company with strategy, business development and US operations.  He has been an executive at two MIT start-ups (NetBio Inc. and Boston Microsystems, recently acquired by Pall Corporation) and was a vice-president and executive officer at Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ:ANST, acquired by ANSYS).  Paul is currently CEO of Sakti Medical Systems, a U.S.-based healthcare company focused on improving outcomes for patients suffering from chronic pain and addictive disorders.  He obtained his BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon and MBA from IMD.




Prof. Andres Lozano, MD, PhD

Andres is currently Professor in the Department of Surgery, and inaugural Chair Holder of the Ron Tasker Chair in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at the University Health Network. His main research and clinical interests lie in the field of the neurosurgical treatment of movement disorders and micro-electrode recordings of the human brain.


Prof. Philippe Renaud, PhD

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